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Reviews for "Z3lda: Mini Game"

i was playing , unlocked some medals. when im underage , i played this game and putted on hard mode. when i was waiting , the squids have moving faster and faster , and that i get an JUMPSCARE. and they the challenger npc says FUCK OFF! , rude to me. and , how i get some hearts? also , why is the jumpscare image? is a scary people?


That was fun

so the game was fun I love the whole zelda theme here with this game all the medals was pretty fun too, you have a nice game and love how it looked like the game and such some nice detail and shooting the arrows was fun all the different medals was nice, would have been nice to do more things more mini games within the game, anyways fun game.

would have been nice to do more things more mini games within the game


Coudn't find the "Yum!"-medal despite everything I've tried, but I got all the others. Nice little throwback, Lttp was what really got me into gaming! I thought about docking a star for making it like the original, but, heck, I can't do that after all the effort you put into that. It's lovely!

good game with good controls very good just wish there were more places to go other wise would not change a thing