Reviews for "Z3lda: Mini Game"

Coudn't find the "Yum!"-medal despite everything I've tried, but I got all the others. Nice little throwback, Lttp was what really got me into gaming! I thought about docking a star for making it like the original, but, heck, I can't do that after all the effort you put into that. It's lovely!

good game with good controls very good just wish there were more places to go other wise would not change a thing

I wish there was a shop door added but the game play was fun only a couple shot glitch through which was sad but yeah the game was a bit to plain .. I think you can make cool games though


Great game, was truly challenging although i do have one question...

when I first played I accidentally shot the "store owner" and the screen went into a dos like screen with the message "I AM ERROR!! I WILL FIND YOU!!" Was than an Easter egg? It has never happened despite my trying it on purpose again...

Miyamoto would be PROUD!!

Hey, this is pretty good!
I expected an achievement for hitting the game master with the arrow, and i'm sure i'm not the only one.
But how do you get the hearts?