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Reviews for "Z3lda: Mini Game"

Awesome. I rarely give ratings for the games I play on Newgrounds, but this one gets a five star rating from me. I love that perfect pixel-by-pixel replication of the environment, and this deserves to be part of the main series games, with all that you added challenge-wise.

I enjoyed your game, and perfected my shooting so I could get enough "sure shots" to fill the LIFE
meter to entirety. I obtained every medal. Thank you again for this wonderful game.

deathink responds:

Thanks a lot man, I slaved over every detail to make sure it looked and felt exactly like the original.


Getting all the high scores since 1984! :DD
Hint: Hug the "game master" while shooting. Then experiment to see when you need to shoot to hit the target (concentrate on only 1!), by looking at the curtains. It's always the same pattern!!

are you kidding me
it's fucking awesome

how i get a heart? seriously this game is awsome for when you get an download of 333 minutes(my case) to do and need some game on the internet for you kill some time,and i'm trying to get the medals,but i don't know how to get the hearts medals (i don't know even how i get a heart in the game/minigame :P)