Reviews for "Smoking Zombies"

unfortunately not the full version, but it is good

simply addicting.. I want that new gun.. I want to upgrade my ammo..
and inspiring.. one day if I ever find the time I'd like to take my own shot at this genre.
so you have an inspired an old man! thank you.

im sad that its for mobile devices..ill never get to play the full version...
and haveing just played 1 and 2 im really disappointed that you would make the best one unplayable
..not everyone has a smart phone or tab...
but the game itself is great

leonardozimbres responds:

The effort was to port Pothead Zombies 2 to mobile devices, but with a twist, to use some features of the mobile thing. But thanks for your feedback!

really good game but should add multiplayer mode that way one can play as one and another as another

leonardozimbres responds:

I would love to try that!