Reviews for "Skunk Meat"

I really liked it. It did get tedious after playing the same scenarios over and over. But overall, I liked the concept and how you learned throughout the game how each character reacted in situations.

From what I gathered Vivica is not very useful in fighting, but her blunders sometimes work out in situations. Rodney can fight, but his brashness gets him into trouble and he is not good at thinking through situations. Phil and Ash seemed pretty average in most retrospects. Sydney, well, she is just a boss at everything.

good game but for how long it was it definitely needs a save system as well as a little more variety in the encounters even though the different player reactions were interesting it sill did no help doing the same things 4-5 times and even though i messed up and got the (useless) girl killed in the river it does not raise replay ability with me enough to do this again a sequel that works on the few problems would make this a 5 star game

i did not like this game its not even intresting!!!

Saved 'em all with green status bars, liked it :)

It was an awesome game the first time I played it Everyone lives I especially like Sydney because of her everyone lived XD