Reviews for "Skunk Meat"

"Ash survived!"
"Phil survived!"
"Rodney survived!"
"Sydney survived!"
"Vivica survived. :/"
Is it only me or Vivica is supposed to be the "Shane" of this game? xD

The game is alright. A few points I need to make:
1. The game needs character stats, possibly clues to give to the player as to what the character's strengths are.
2. The weapons should actually make a difference in certain situations. A crowbar might be more useful than a taser in one situation, and in another the taser might work better.
3. The locations should mean something as well. How often does one find food under an overpass?
4. Make Vivica more useful and knock down Sydney's stats a bit. I'm fine with comic relief, and it does make it a little more realistic, but it makes the character useless, which isn't usually good for a game.
5. More variety in events. I've killed the same dumb dude in a trench coat in the same way 15 times.
6. There should be more of a story to the game. The characters need to be a little more interesting for me to want to save them.
7. It's too easy. Seriously. If Vivica hadn't gotten herself killed in a river, I would have gotten every medal on my first try.
The game itself, however, is made very well. No major glitches or complaints visually or mechanically other than a few typos.
If Skunk Meat 2 is made and takes these improvements, It will be a much more enjoyable game.

Great game. A little bit boring at the end...

"charges this fucker" doesn't sound like "E" material. You should probably change that.

Easy but a good game. Tips and kind of walkthru help, The Blue hair girl Sydney is best allrounded character of all, gets least hungry and even fills up faster, she is the heavy gun of the gang, used her most and once she gets a good weapon she can basically do any mission.