Reviews for "Skunk Meat"

Give ya few tips
Vivica - fcking useless in fights but she does best using a crane
Sydney - is good at bandits and thugs
phil - is good at making distractions
ash - can swim as fvck and does best in handgun fights

that's all folks

my only tip: don't freaking ue Vivica,the b!tch is dumb as fvck

It was a great game. I liked the idea of using strategy to figure out who would do what and how to keep everyone alive. I also liked how the outcomes weren't always the same for choices you made multiple times.

When I played I started off with using the males for everything, and by day 20, or so, their hunger got in the orange, so I actually ended up using Sydney for everything. She is sort of an OP character and sometimes your best bet. When I used her, I hardly ever had to focus on their health. It kind of leaves you to just focus on their hunger. By day 70, any character who was having problems before had their health and hunger bars completely filled.

use vivica for distractions

The characters are all stereotypes, with the men requiring much more food than the women. Agree almost completely with previous review, but must point out that outcomes of using Vivica are worrying, but ultimately, she's the second most efficient worker so yay! congrats, writer, on messin' with us that way.

The game is repetitive, but it can be seen as a chance to see how each character "performs" in every situation. Having said that, I didn't bother.