Reviews for "Skunk Meat"

My strategy: Rodney and Sydney do EVERYTHING (they're the ones who can actually get stuff done without incident) , occationally using Ash or Phil for the climby or sneaky things. Never use Vivica...she really is 'dumb'. Scavenge for food and/or meds around 3-4 times before continuing depending on what the people need.

Good game, felt like it could use a little something more though...

Lost 3 characters (all past day 90) because the "food found for one character" defaulted to Ash every time it occured. (Usually, other characters were one action away from starving to death and Ash was in the yellow-zone, so I doubt it's an in-game issue.) Please fix.

great person gallery... but it could maybe have a bit more actions you can do...

Good little game. Everyone survived on my first try, But the game started to get boring after. Just like in The Rose Is Blooming where it's basically the same stuff. But nice to play.

It was a fun game while it lasted, It got repetitive after 10 minutes.

Sadly, the only story you really get is 5 friends trying to survive a ordeal in the city by escaping it.

Same content, no looting, So much potential, 2 1/2 stars.