Reviews for "Skunk Meat"

First try: everyone survived, took me some time to figure out who was best for what encounters, which two of them I considered to be the brains and the brawn, but the rest, not so much:
Sydney: Brains
Rodney: Brawn

The game was fairly easy, my first play through and i kept them all alive. Once I figured out the number of times you can click the food and med buttons, as well as which character was best for whatever situation came up without wasting too much health or hunger (was surprised to find out Vivica actually did something without wasting health and too much hunger), it just seemed too easy. I like how you used hunger as a stamina source, but EVERYTHING wasted stamina in someway, even when looking for meds! But you made up for that by making it easier to get food then meds which I thought was a good idea. Long story short, good game, but you need to think of some way to make the game harder.

it was good. I found the game to be basic yet addictive. I played it through twice to keep everyone alive. i would have liked it if you could have assigned the weapons to each person but im not sure if they made much of a difference to the game play. i liked the effort you put into the description and the thought into the characters. the hunger V.S health was a nice touch too.
pro tip: use the heck outta Sydney, i found she used the least hunger to perform actions and she was the best at surviving. use the food and meds buttons a few times, until you run out of either.

The character art may only be heads but those are some cool looking heads. I must say in the beginning if you would've had a main character die I would've been even more interested in this game. This game is super addicting! Very descriptive writing. I love this line I saw when trying to let Vivica break in a place, "She's an idiot." Also it seems that no matter how much food I find certain people still go hungry. Also I never see health depleting. I also have to say this game is really long. I played for about 45 minutes and barely got halfway through.

interesting game