Reviews for "Skunk Meat"

Its a really nice change from the typical "I survive alone" of zombie- text games to managing a group of people with different skills.
The interesting part is that there is no explicity, neither about the skills of the characters nor about the skills that the tasks require. That means you need to play around and try different characters in different situations till you figure it out.
Sydney is stupidly OP and I wouldn´t say Vivicia is useless, as she has some events where she actually manages the task... in her own way.

Love the game! I've always been a fan of your zombie games, and the text based play. Keep up the good work! :)

a perfect game, enough dudes, enough girls, and a 'shane' :D

Despite Vivica's uselessness...I'm glad I got them all to survive :D

I LOVED THIS GAME! I let Sydney do everything in this game, and I got all the way through with only needing food mostly! #SydneyForDaWin

Hyptosis responds:

Thanks for the kind words, have a great day! ^_^