Reviews for "Skunk Meat"

Cool game, but a bit repetitive. I stopped looking at the foraging descriptions after a while when it seemed like there wasn't any sort of obvious connection between the scene and success/failure of specific item finding.

I found flawless uses for every character but Sydney was used way too often. One might even draw a connection to her skills (lockpicking, breaking and entering, flawless hijacking of vehicles, general mayhem, etc...) and, consider that we know almost nothing about each character, her race. I'm a little offended by this.

So, it seems, the only thing Vivica is good at is disarming armed pacifists... no wonder there is a wonky face after her medal description.

I was sure she could accidentally disarm pack of shotgun-toting teenagers with poor discipline.

"Vivica clumsily tries to rush through the crossfire area and attracts the notice of the gang leader. He can't resist the temptation of a lone, poorly-armed beauty and drops his weapon and rushes to tackle her. Vivica screams in a rage when she is grabbed from behind and dragged to the ground. Just when it seems Vivica may break free, the other gang members follow the alpha's example and excitedly grab her flailing limbs. Fortunately, for Vivica, she wasn't alone and the rest of the group easily close-in on the gang and dispatch them. The only hurt Vivica has really taken is to her ego."

I really like the games, liked the concept. At times its repetitive but it was still real fun. Could have been more eventful though.

i wish the food can make the hunger go back up :/

Took a while but on my first playthrough I made sure every single one of them survived :D -Not boasting, just didn't think it would be that easy- = Q=

Also! Great game! :D

Oh god. Although I gave this 5 stars, how the hell do you delete your save game?!

I don't want to play this stupid thing to the end to start a new game.