Reviews for "Skunk Meat"

Damnit Vivica!

Seriously though, I think the game could do with spreading out the skill of the survivors a little more. I think Vivica was pretty much only the most useful person to use when you come to the crane. Sydney seemed to be the best (she was smart, nimble, strong and kept finding handguns).

Booyah. im the best dam survivor. Everyone survived on my first try.

This was a good time-passer but not of the quality I have come to expect from Hyptosis. The characters were derivative, the problems repetitive, their solutions predictable and also repetitive. I was glad, at the start, to see that the game was going to be lengthy, but it seems that the artist may have gotten lazy and decided to fill it up with the same content throughout. I had to apply little thought beyond memory to succeed at this game; it was too easy. Sorry :(

so like i played this game and it was fun.. but i didn't get vivica why cause she walked into the water and her shoes got dirty and died that.. made me laugh so hard. l0l0l0

Perhaps I'm just difficult to entertain, but I found this game very boring. If it wasn't for the same 5 or so scenarios, the incredibly easy pattern to figure out, and the long 101 days, I might feel differently.

If it has to be this long, throw some more variety in there. if you cant, make it shorter. At least make it a tad bit more difficult. The only way to lose is to do it on purpose.

I appreciate the time that goes into games like this, and it seems that most people really like it, so I guess you can take my opinion with a grain of salt :).