Reviews for "Takeover"

good game and all just one thing i think is a little to much of a unfair is call to the grave

One of the games that got me so addicted....I finished it! Good Job! :D

*There is a bug though, in one time I can't seem to click on my units no matter how hard i tried. :(

So fuckin' like it. I hope there will be a sequel soon

I really like both the structure of the game and idea behind it as well-a fallen empire which you must reclaim is pretty sick but the idea of taking building and mobilizing different troops is an amazing idea. If I could change it I would change the fact that ones rating is dependent upon the time of completion (especially since I prefer to take my time) and it would be interesting to implement the idea of towers (possibly one to protect each base or along the pathway). Lastly I would change the graphics either to a more cartoony "kingdom rush" style of sharpen the style which is already there. Love this game please make more!

epic game but needs a save game option