Reviews for "Takeover"

Not bad at all. It's a lot like Kingdom Rush.

The games is pretty good but the control scheme is not as good as it could be. Having the system auto correct coordinates should be adjusted. Too many times I have ordered troops to go somewhere and then by accident they are redirected because of the automatic system in place. I understand this system is to guide players and allow them to know where their troops are going but there must be a better way. Perhaps changing the click and drag to click and click would be a more convenient alternative to navigating your troops.

Another thing that deters me is that troops cannot retreat. As soon as they engage that's it, they are off to the races to kill or be killed, it's pretty absurd. So how about letting your troops retreat, pretty please?

Another thing that bothers me is when you select multiple troops and tell them to do something, you have to select them all again. It's too inconvenient having to select them all again and again, perhaps this can be changed and deselecting could be as simple as pressing the D key. Which reminds me, how come there aren't any hot keys? Just a thought that maybe should be considered.

Bottom line: good game but has some irritating mechanics.

I really like the game. Each army has its own specialty, units and general strategy to use. Speed was a little slow, though. It was also just a little too linear. I think it would have been great to make it where you choose where to invade and fight, and to also add different missions, search and rescue, defend, ect,,,

way too slow

I liked the game. But one of the achievements was impossible to get. I cast Banner of Heroism 21 times on a group of 20 troops and the game wouldn't give me the medal. However, even if this achievement was obtainable, Having to spend 20 mins getting it is not an achievement. It's an exercise in patience. As is Collecting 20 troops when the most you'll need is 8. or waiting until you've accumulated 3000 gold, or besieging 10 castles when the most a board has is 8 including your starting keep(s). Also, leveling up the keeps is nice but they should change appearance too.