Reviews for "Takeover"

Pretty good. Might need more Speed up values though and maybe more music or at least different music for each Campaign. The time limit seems a bit harsh if you want to get 3 Stars. But just my thoughts. Still a great game.

This game is easy to pick up and fun. It feels good for the most part, although there are tiny problems. The game gets repetitive, I found that after I did the first nation's story and a little bit of the second, there wasn't enough drive to make me want to play. More differences between the nations would be nice, it seemed like there was always one unit that would rape (The basic units for the green, the Calvary for the horde), so I found myself just buying a bunch of OP units. It would be cool to add a tech tree for advancing units down different lines, rather then the edicts, which only allow for the set upgrades. The different lines would allow for a more individual experience and give it more replay value.

The perfect, great, good timing system also cramped my playing style; (though this might just be me) I like to build huge armies when I rts because the end result is more rewarding. The problem with this game is I felt a constant pressure to need to beat the level in under five and a half minutes. I would recommend that you add different mission types, like defending a stronghold from an onslaught or recovering trapped units.

This game has great potential, and I hope you make another with a little more freedom and depth. It was an enjoyable experience to play a great RTS, and I hope to see more like this soon.


This game is great, but do you think you could include a sell units function? It's just annoying to be stuck with weak units when you know you could buy better ones.

Not too many bad qualities. I thought it was really stupid until I gave it a chance. Overall good game, just wish there were a few more options for units and spells but still good.