Reviews for "Takeover"

The game is great, but there are a few things missing and also a few things broken.

1- Please give us better control over the units. It's annoying to see they ignore your order because of a nearer enemy or target or being unable to retreat.

2- The only prerequisite for a PERFECT score is the time. Sometimes I can't enjoy a good battle because I need to hurry up. Each level should list a few conditions for the victory, which vary: no units lost, complete within a certain time, don't lose a building, upgrade a building, etc.

3- Units leveling up is not covered by the tutorial, nor is the effects of morale. Upgrading buildings seems to have too little advantage for its price.

4- The theme song is great, but we could use a little more variety, even if it were just a different song for each faction...

At last, I'd also like to suggest you guys made this available for multiplayer, either by allowing a player to create maps or to battle other players online. Of course this would require a litte more balancing (some classes and units are way easier to use than others), but it'd certainly add a extra dose of fun.

good... needs more music... better commanding
and more difficulty or atleast a difficulty could be harder to accomplish instead of having to accomplish a piece of cake faster

my saves got deleted wtf!! i was in crimson horde campaign :-(

Masterfully done! This game rivals Age of Empires (if both were flash games that is) the only thing I didn't like about this game was the fact that the units would delay and circle around/walk away before capturing a building, other than that, I'm in love with this! please make more. :)

Super fun and addicting. The only thing that made it hard to keep going was that for some reason my mouse cursor doesn't show up on the game screen, making it extremely difficult to click on things, etc. Otherwise, super cool!