Reviews for "Takeover"

its a great game but for some reason it crashes when i try and play lvl 5

Please, if you make a sequel to this already great game take the extra step and perfect it.
1.Add a retreat option. Troops wander towards bases sometimes without order and you can't tell them to run >:{
2.Add more abilities and unit types to the factions, make the undead playable, and add a few more factions as well.
3.The undead's ultimate spell is WAAAAAY overpowered. They use it and you're screwed unless you have a good setup in the map already.
I may have missed a few things but those are the main wants/issues. The game is still great regardless though and anyone who is reading this should just give it a chance !!!

Great game, but you need to be able to retreat.

Good game, some ideas for improvements if you make a sequel.

allow troops to retreat, if your troops get in range of a squad you don't want to fight they will just stay and get slaughtered.

Free play mode. You have all the work done for a 4th playable race that players never get to check out, extra playablility in free mode if your able to play that 4th race.

Larger maps, the levels felt short. A larger level would be nice, include scrolling?

enjoyable.. very nice