Reviews for "Takeover"

If you increase the difficulty of missions you should also alter the time it takes to get top reward from them (silly having first level have the same time limit as a much later one)

Units should always listen to you, it ridiculous when a unit veers off course to attack a side ogre or when a weakened unit sticks to attacking a town instead of retreating to repair. Its annoying and pointless.

This game is right up there with Kingdom Rush IMO, great job.

Do you have to start a new campaign every time you leave the website? What is point of having 3 options to start a new game if they don't save? I've tried multiple times and can't figure it out. Can anyone tell me how to get a game to save to my account so I can pick up where I left off every time without having to leave the webpage open for days?


Fantastic game overall. Well thought out skills that fit well with each race, low difficulty for casual players, moderately-high difficulty for perfectionists, pretty good animation, good loop music, and of course the high replayability and fun value. Some suggested alterations include adding the nonexistent retreat option, the ability to ignore some towers/giants that aren't directly in your path, and the inclusion of race-specific music. But it was awesome anyway.

Excellent game couldnt stop playing until I had got perfect on every stage. Thanks for making a great game!!!