Reviews for "Takeover"

Its a very good game but takes a little to long to load


This is an awesome game! A real RTS.

I think the game is awesome but i found some stuffs kinda bothers me

-Orcs are too powerful with enough mana
-I really wanna try a kind of undead campaign
-Still dont know how the morale affects on the gameplay
-not sure if the defensive and offensive buffs are working on the Icedales (need to display the budd at least on the stats window)
-why orcs are inmune to poison? Who else use poison attacks?
-Orcs Cataclism skill damage more the owner for some reason (at the campaign at least)
-Need a multiplayer? Maybe...

Thats all i can remember. I gues the game is pretty good and just consider my review if theres gonna be a multiplayer mode someday.

Such a great game, green heal is super over powered though, but still freaking fun