Reviews for "Takeover"

Holy god, the Horde campaing is so goddamned awful. The AI will just keep spaming Freeze and Bolt the entire time, and pretty much kill your troops without any effort. The fact most of the time you don't start with Cavalry (which is the cornerstone of their army) makes the whole thing an uphill battle. Getting perfects there is a mind-numbing, exercise of frustration.

The Horde itself is really unbalanced too, as they can't fight defensively at all, and if you can't get the momentum to push for offense you'll pretty much lose the map instantly.

Otherwise, the game is fun, and I want to like it. But the Horde campaing just ruined it for me.

Great game, one of my favorites.

Very good game. It could use some balance. I also think restricting people to certain paths is overly limiting, rather you should make it an open battlefield with possibly natural formations such as rivers and mountains blocking the way.

My flash keeps crashing when i play this unfortuneately

awesome game
ice shooters are OP tho, you really need to nerf them because they raep everything
and what's up with the undead's ultimate, stealing two units is super-OP, especially, when the enemy just spams you with that spell
and why isn't it possible to play the undead side?
one last thing: i'd love to play a round, where all the 4 factions are involved
all in all 4/5 stars, cuz i enjoyed it a lot but it not perfect, yet