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Reviews for "Outpost:Swarm"

One of the best game series I ever seen , just that why does the self-destruction does no damage to the player?

I'm not going to go in depth with this game as I have a few things on my plate.

Apparently you are not able to go to fullscreen again if you exit fullscreen while playing. A fullscreen button in-game would be nice.

Aside from that I saw no issues with the game. I prefer the way the shop looks in Lost Outpost, but that is also a different game.

Good job

so i can't seem to find lost outpost. is it not finished yet or am i not looking hard enough?

Squize responds:

Going to upload it right now :)

I hope you are actually making the sequel due to the obvious deadline. In the sequel there should be faster walking/running speeds (the walking and running speeds are pathetic), master volume to adjust the music and sounds (clicking and screaming of aliens get very annoying very fast), graphic adjuster (due to time-stopping lag), more guns (bored with such a small set), more enemies (to spice up the action), more events (to make it more intense),screen brightness (to actually see clearly and not stick my face in front of the screen to find the enemies), upgrading should be visible (in the shop screen so it would make the guns look even more stronger and cooler), and make sure that the sequel actually collaborates with the first one (seriously, don't make a sequel that differs with the first one). Hey, just my opinion for the sequel that's all.

P.S. :while reading your replies to other comments, I noticed you used a lot of "cheers" and "mate" and makes me think that you are British... or is it just me.

P.P.S. : the clock is ticking and we gamers have a very short fuse and if it is not here by the end of the year (like you said), we might just move on ( yeah, we the gamers are not very patient on waiting).
So good luck.

Squize responds:

Let's go in reverse, yes I'm British. And yes I use cheers and mate too often, and I know one will slip into this reply without me evening thinking about it :)

Great review, thank you. The sequel to Outpost:Haven, "Lost Outpost" is all but done, we're hoping it'll be live in a week or so. Swarm was never really a sequel, just a spin off of part of the main game. I think we've addressed everything you've mentioned in LO, more weapons, more baddies, sound is more balanced, etc.
The new Swarm mode in LO has Hard Points which really makes it play a lot better, we're really happy with it.

Thanks again for taking the time to play it and review mate ( Damn it :) ).

very good game!