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Reviews for "Outpost:Swarm"

This game is one of the best top-down shooters I've played in a long time. The gameplay was great and the motivation to level up to see new maps, with various features no less, and the oh-so-satisfying 'killstreaks' along with the XP and Credit boosts make it all the more fun.

P.S: The menu music is amazing! I'm not a techno kind of guy but that beat just hypes me up for the fight ahead.

Daniel Kevlar.

hard D:


Got to 100 wave and I was rank 50 with all weapons, But I got all the achievement metals for the game so I dicided to quit, Tired as shit but the game was awesome, Also people been saying this too the guy moves to fucking slow, Must be cause the lack of harddrive I got...-_-X Still good game though. *Thumbs up.*

excellent!! my nipples are hard.