Reviews for "Desutori"

Liked it, didnt finish though, nice music ( Id like to see a more fantasy song , and longer ) and i liked it ,chalenging, but has to be better in some things, like:
1- The drawings dont match the syle of the game itself and the music .
2- The movements, for the game style should be better ( sliding, jumping, wall jumping...)
3- The characters, more interesting, you, take out some of the simpliness and replace it with

Thats it. Enjoyed playing

Kooh responds:

1.- It was my decision, but I see why people might not like it.
2.- Noted.
3.- I didn't get this one, so I'm gonna take a wild guess and you mean expand more on the character's development. Noted.

Thank you for playing, glad you enjoyed it!

well... i couldnt pass the first level, then i went to buy cheetos, i drinked some vodka and played again until the depression made me cut my whrist with a plastic knife.... anyway nice job

Kooh responds:

I knew it destroyed computers, but never knew that it destroyed lives! D:

Hard as hell .. Great game nice animation Good work! :3

Kooh responds:

Thank you, glad you enjoyed it!

Wow, I couldn't have imagined to see collision issues in a pixel game.
Frustrating, dull music, meh graphic...pixel game does not mean lousy work, do backgrounds, use different bitmaps and so on, please.

Try again man.

Kooh responds:

We're planning on trying again in the future, so don't worry!

WARNING--This review is 100% Biased and based on personal opinion off of the fact that I don't enjoy platform games-- This game is very difficult although maybe it was just difficult for me because I don't play these types of games. But I think maybe a difficulty setting should be implemented. Other than that, the sound was good and fit with the atmosphere. And the 8-bit graphics were, well.. to be expected. Nothing really special about this game in my personal opinion, nothing really stands out.

Kooh responds:

I think the problem with difficulty is that it's gonna subjective no matter what, nonetheless, I understand what you're saying, further easing in the player could work in future games!

Thanks for noticing the music, GhostingFish worked really hard on that and he'll be glad to hear it, RedKovu!