Reviews for "Desutori"

omg this game is way to hard but fun O_o

First impressions: d'awww.... second impression: Accurate portrayal of venus. Third impression, OH GOD N- over all, fun. :D

Kooh responds:

Actual portrayal of historic events is important, everyone knows of the great crystal shard purge of 1968!

Lol....Pangya character programmer :D Love the game! <3
I love Kooh also <3 too bad...I didn't ply Pangya anymore :(
U ply Pangya mr.Kooh xD :{D

Kooh responds:

I do, not as much, but I do play PangYa. I've used the Kooh name since 2005 I believe.

This game was immensely annoying, but I loved how it sort of pushed me to beat this game in one go.

The bug at the end with the boss sort of freaked me out as well, but I think it was a nice coincidence. The voice actors seemed appropriate, and the backgrounds seemed well. The patterns were intricate and deadly. I liked it overall, but felt somewhat short and a bit short-lived of a boss as well.

Great job.

Kooh responds:

It's already fixed, but I'm glad you enjoyed it.

It's a nice die-a-lot kinda game. It has nice music and anime themed style. Great job!

Kooh responds:

Thanks, BaineBG