Reviews for "Desutori"

It's a nice die-a-lot kinda game. It has nice music and anime themed style. Great job!

Kooh responds:

Thanks, BaineBG

omg this game is way to hard but fun O_o

Liked it, didnt finish though, nice music ( Id like to see a more fantasy song , and longer ) and i liked it ,chalenging, but has to be better in some things, like:
1- The drawings dont match the syle of the game itself and the music .
2- The movements, for the game style should be better ( sliding, jumping, wall jumping...)
3- The characters, more interesting, you, take out some of the simpliness and replace it with

Thats it. Enjoyed playing

Kooh responds:

1.- It was my decision, but I see why people might not like it.
2.- Noted.
3.- I didn't get this one, so I'm gonna take a wild guess and you mean expand more on the character's development. Noted.

Thank you for playing, glad you enjoyed it!

this game isnt that hard as you say
but its still good

damnit that boss scared me, i beaten this game at 2AM

Kooh responds:

That scary line was actually recorded at 3AM!

A fantastic game with fantastic execution. I enjoyed having to run through another one of my favorite genre of games. Although I am plenty experienced in these type of games -- playing one from one of my hobby sites makes it all the better.

I automatically became a fan of this game at 2-1. The L.Curve for that map was amazing. I found myself running through the stage like "Woah! Swear that thing just took my eyebrows off". The only downside was that the stage gave users too much time to adjust their strategy on the map.

There are also too many safe-spots in the maps where users can idle away until they choose to move forward. Perhaps adding crystals onto the stages as the finale had would help increase the pace of the game in the earlier dungeons. (Or even just having the shard detonate if the stage was done too slowly)

One of my main gripes about this game is that the difficulty declines as the user ventures on.

My second would be the hit boxes. They are a bit enlarged. Though I am sure this is most likely the best it can offer and is most likely unable to be fixed. I noticed on the last stage that for my only two deaths (One for the axe and the other from a beam) that my player would die while still able to move around.

An axe sweep that was slightly above my head took me to the 'continue' screen while I was still able to grab a shard and it caused the SFX to continue playing an overlap the respawned music. My second death was outside of the laser's blast radius, but I positioned myself with a ridiculous amount of precision so I pretty much expected this. Doing so caused the glitch in my previous statement. (SFX overlapping and my player still able to wonder about.) The movement only lasts for a few seconds before the map restarts inevitably, but eh, I digress.

*SEMI-SPOILER* + Tips* --

Newcomers worry not -- The game gets considerably easier after 2-1.

For the finale. Phase 1 - You can collect all shards in one sweep. Phase 2 - You should be synced with the spikes. I.E Grab Shard-Wait-Spike-Grab Shard-Wait-Spike-Grab Shard, etc etc. Phase 3 - Grab shard, position yourself in the laser radius -- This is because an axe sweep will happily behead you if you are too close.

(Remember: The second axe sweep is shorter than the initial one.) (A spike should have gone off at some point you were wedged in between) You should be able to grab the 2nd Shard -- Push before the axes return -- Wait for the spike and grab the 3rd shard -- push towards the last shard. (Be aware that the spike will most likely pop out before you are able to reach it. So don't be too hasty and take your time.

I'll most likely make a 0 death speed-run video of it eventually. Only wasted a life or two at the boss due to having to learn the pattern. As always -- Good luck and have fun.

(Off to get the 2,000 deaths medal now.)

Kooh responds:

This was a long review, I grabbed a cup of coffee and sat down. I really am glad you enjoyed it.
This is pretty good insight I'll take into consideration for the sequel, if you do complete in a 0 death speed-run, be sure to PM the video link to my youtube account!
We love seeing people play it!


Good luck, hero!