Reviews for "Desutori"

It's a good game. It was challenging but not very difficult. I did like the characters and their design, but I thought Kuno's (that's the hooded girl, correct?) voice acting was a little bit quite and simply not fitting. But that doesn't greatly affect how good the game was. The levels were entertaining and fun, especially when you had to memorize the patterns of ghosts. It was also easy enough to beat within 200 lives, making the game entertaining without wasting time or driving the player to the brink of insanity.

I'd like to see another game like this, with similar characters. I forgot to mention that I also enjoyed how the protagonist didn't actually speak. I would definitely play a sequel to this game. Keep up the good work.

Kooh responds:

Thank you very much for the support, we'll try to make it even better by next game.

Sheer awesomeness
i normally don't like super difficult games, but the characters were interesting enough to keep me going. i got a feeling of satisfaction after beating it with 850+ lives!
my only complaint is the first lvl(1,1). same with lvl 2, lvl 2-1 was alot harder than 2-2, 2-3 2-4. since yu had to get the patterns of all 3 ghost types in the first lvl and only 1 or 2 types on the others.. i literally walked through 2-2...
also, sometimes with the swinging axes, i would be safe on one pass then when the axe came back around i died.. without moving from the spot i was in, i think the axes have slightly longer range on the downswing...

The music made the game for me, timing is more fun when you have a beat:D
I wanna see more!! who's the hooded girl?

Kooh responds:

Thank you for the insight, the girl's name is Kuno.
The music is by the talented GhostingFish!

way to hard, yes i know its supposed to be hardcore but when you cant get past the first stage its rideculious other than that good game

Kooh responds:

You can press B at the title screen and boom, you'll skip a level!

It's cute, got 2 shards, then had died over 100 times... this is not a game for the faint of heart aka the most patient people on the entire planet. Suffice to say, only 0.5% can play this game without quitting really quick... and I'm among sadly, a minority who won't rate this game 0-2 stars. If this game ever reaches the masses, it will be a disaster...

Kooh responds:

If it reaches the masses, imagine the heart attacks!
Nonetheless, the story is up on YouTube if you're interested!

I have to say, this was really challenging -- a bit too challenging. Everything else was pretty fine. I was lucky enough to beat the game with about 200 lives lost, but the difficulty level needs some toning down a bit. Majority of the extra lives I lost were from Level 2-1, lol.

Kooh responds:

That's why there's a Medal for it. Glad you liked it.