Reviews for "Desutori"

5/5 reason being the entire opening, and the title screen I may just be a sucker for chibi art but I already absolutely love this game.

Kooh responds:

Thanks, Fefe-Soso did the art! Go check her deviantArt!

meh got dissapointed when i found out this was a platformer game would of been more awesome to be an RPG

Kooh responds:

Fun Fact: It was gonna be an old-school RPG, but I didn't know how to use RPG Maker.

"The shards are never wrong..."

I like this game, very simple but hey it cheers me up!, i made a video playing the final boss, if you have a problem with that i'll delete it but i think its a way to make you some publicity x)

Kooh responds:

I don't have a problem with it, It's already in my favorites!

Nice game. The only frustrating level was the first snowy level. Other than that it was awesome and I cant wait for the next one to come out :D

Kooh responds:

Glad you liked it :)

As far as platformers go, I'd expect you to be able to jump,. at least. But that aside, this game is pretty good. The 8-bit graphics are appealing, and the music is nice. However, I did have a couple of issues.

First, the respawn time is enourmous, considering this is one of those games yyou will spend a lot of time dying in. This not orustrates the player, but makes it MUCH more likely that they will simply give up and never come back to the game. For a game like this, you want to set a fast pace, and keep that pace going. Throw the player right back in the fray. And you just didn't do that here.

Second, the medal that requires you to die 2,000 times. This would literally take me hours to do, simply sitting on my butt and holding a key in one direction. The respawn time doesn't make it any easier, either! I will honestly say, that medal is not worth the effort. I will pass on 100 points, if it will save me twelve hours of my life. Some way you could fix this is:
A) Make respawns a little more... instant, perhaps? Then it would only take a couple of hours.
B) Make the character run faster! She/he moves so slowly... This would really speed up the process of racking up deaths for this medal.
C) Think up another, more appealing medal? Something players would actually want to take the time out of their lives to do. (Dying 2000 times on the same screen, for no reason, is NOT one of those things, sorry.)

Despite what I didn't like, it's a pretty solid game. Good way to burn time, if you don't mind getting annoyed as hell at some of those obstacles. I look forward to see what you churn out next.

Kooh responds:

A) It has been noted, hopefully in a future update of this game we'll introduce insta-spawn.
B) Due to limitations of the engine I used, this may have to be in the sequel.
C) The DjTakozx Award came because only 1 person has done this. It is to honor his great time that he lost while playing it. He also broke the death counter.