Reviews for "Desutori"

the controls need to be fixed because the majority of my deaths happened when the character didn't stop when i let go of the arrow.
then i'd suggest making the time between respawns shorter, it was just obnoxious have to wait like that

Kooh responds:

While the first issue is new to me, the shorter respawns and lots of other stuffs are being fixed for the PC and Mac versions of Desutori, of course, these will come soon to the flash version as well!

If you would please give a link to the music.. I really love the ending music x3

beat the game finally!!! JEBUS

Kooh responds:

Thank you, GhostingFish worked really hard on this.

I like the intro. And the title screen.
The game starts. No sir, I didn't like it.

Black moving spheres against a black background, the first level being 10 tmes harder than the more simplistic 2nd level, i dunno, i guess this is for people who like Chakan the Forever man.

Kooh responds:

Never heard of Chakan, learn something new everyday I guess!

I never heard of people struggling with the balls because they couldn't see them. Welp, I'll take that into consideration. Thank you for the insight.

Nice game it came to be hard in 1/3 and 2/1 and final
i love this game 5 Star

Kooh responds:

Thanks ustopable!

This game shouldn't be 8-bit. It has a awesome title screen. I don't blame you but if you can, tell me why this is a 8-bit game (not trying to be mean)
P.S Love the game (even through it was hard)

Kooh responds:

This is a case of the 8-bit style came first than the title screen.