Reviews for "SP:Sonic Shorts: Volume 8"

I remeber a time when I hated all these kind of movies, but that was before my sense of humour improved and I also realised wether or not effort was truly put into this kind of movie. Yes this is your typical trolling animation at first glance and I can predict without even looking this got you some hate mail, but there are signs of effort here just from the "what's this" sequence alone. That and other injokes like Rouge crashing peoples PCs and it might look half assed in a lot of places, but the thinking behind this wasn't.

so i waited this long for THIS...
ehh well not your best but still pritty good mostly the start intro was best but still
just PLZ get the proper Sonic Shorts volume 8 PLZ
im bored

Lol.It'll probably have 0V4R 9,000! views soon enough.

i found myself saying "what the fuck" through the whole thing

this is some dope weed crack, too bad sonic is for scrub gamers, you lot are losers, play some bubsy that is some gaming right there.