Reviews for "SP:Sonic Shorts: Volume 8"

I'm just going to ignore this existed...BY FAR THE WORST SHORT EVER!! Should have ended it at Short #7.

Glad to see all of our hard work has paid off! All that development hell was a nightmare, but if it weren't for all of our amazing staff, then this would've been just another immature flash collab with crude animations and low-brow humor. Great job, guys! This might just be our best volume yet!

What...the...heck...was...that XD

I will Admit I laughed through bits here and there. But you guys got us lol XD

Well I fell for it. You little trolls! Hahahaha >.> Well in all modesty I still watched it because it was a pretty decent parody of What's This? I knew it was too good to be true I KNEW IT!

Well, you had lazers in here...soo. NO 5 for you....but how about 4.