Reviews for "SP:Sonic Shorts: Volume 8"

Still not Better than Sonic Shorts 1 (?)
Now i'm gonna to save the day! Vote 5!!!!!!

The images of today have been forever burned in my brain.

I hate you all.

This was completely bad, filled with "Hey, I put a sex joke, it will be auto-popular and great!" huh? What was that for?? I was waiting for Quality Jokes, not bad jokes and animations, I know this isn't being completely series but c'mon, I was expecting better than this, animators.
Sorry, I was completely disappointed with this Volume more than 7...

halomademeapc responds:

You managed to miss that this is actually the sequel to Sonic Shits. Don't worry, the real Volume 8 is coming, and it's full of the high-quality animation you want.


I get the joke but still, after over a year to get something like this? .....no.

halomademeapc responds:

Keep in mind that we didn't spend the whole time working on this. There are a lot more projects that we do (such as seaside denied, which we also just released here), and those got higher priority than this did.