Reviews for "SP:Sonic Shorts: Volume 8"

Okay, I'll admit I'm a mite disappointed. If you can pull a good 10+ minute animation with organized music and multiple animations just out of your ass, I see no reason why the finished product has taken so long.

However, a year and a half has passed since I saw the last Sonic Shits, and I must say I can take a joke by now. Quite a few of these made me chuckle, and some were actually clever to an extent. Although it's nothing like a serious final product, thanks for giving me some more laughs to tide me over 'till next time.

OHHHHHHHHHH! Okay. For a minute there I thought ya'll were serious with it. Basically this is just a big "WILL ALL OF YOU PLEASE GET OFF OUR ASSES ABOUT SONIC SHORTS COLLAB 8." thing. I'm gonna be honest, I was close to the edge, and I was just about to go off and write a "all this time has passed, and this is what you put out" type of review, but I saw the end where it said vol 8 will be out soon. Ya'll take your time on it. I'm pretty sure the real one is gonna take a dump on this.....well....shits collab. I DID however laugh when Rouge was singing Kelis's Milkshake song. I thought that was the best one.

Now, we all should know by now that this isn't meant to be taken in the awesome funny as usually. It's meant in the shitty funny, and the shitty funny works if you allow it to. Those who know that this was intentionally done as crap will find it funny and anxiously await the true Volume 8. Those who can't appreciate the shit simply are just not tolerant to it and should just stay out.

BTW, the music at the beginning and end were genius. Excellent work.

I will be the first to agree with you stanleywronko. I'd love to volinteer in agreeing with anyone that can say "Making this was the worse idea ever." The problem is no one understands it.

Watching this through makes me want to kill every one who put it together....violently if necessary. The intro is the only thing slightly good in this and is short lived.