Reviews for "SP:Sonic Shorts: Volume 8"

for some reason only the AND NOW I AM COMING TO SAVE THE DAY make me laguth in all the video becuase it was SHIT literaly :3...lol

I'm happy to have part of this work of mastery.

I love when we make fun of ourselves over at Sonic Paradox, it's probably the best way to get rid of stress from ALL OF YOU FUCKING NOBS(Lol ImmortalHD) THAT KEEP BEGGING FOR VOLUME 8! AND KEEP ASKING FOR MORE!

Guys, we're all busy animating and stuff. I'm trying to animate shorts, an intro for some popular friends on YT and my own animated series. ALL of this while being Active Duty in the USAF. A lot of us have Jobs and School and we can't work on your stupid wants all the time.

So rage. Cry. Whine. Moan. Groan. Haters gonna hate. And you all can suck my Chaos Taco if you don't like being told the truth that we get tired of your whining for us to work harder so you all can be happy. (Well at least I do anyway)

But once again to all my friends that worked on this. Great job, it was a blast and a great way to blow off all this steam. Lol Sonic Shits.

Uhm i'm sorry i do..i dont what?
clearly it should have been tagged as earfuck :\

didnt expect to have my ears bleeding.
could have been better too :\

i give you 2 for the walrus eggman and silvers fuck the fanbase

the intro was the most amazing thing i've ever seen in my short life