Reviews for "SP:Sonic Shorts: Volume 8"

Really boring and unfunny, the only joke that make me laugh was the Floating Walrus Eggman

speed is not cocaine, it is amphetamine. noob.

You're clearly all aware you made a garbage collaboration, so I'm not really sure what good this review will do outside of maybe saving a couple people from wasting their time.

Don't watch it. It's not really Volume 8 and it's just a bad joke on the viewers. Seriously, there's nothing funny about this, and unless poorly drawn gay Sonic blowjobs and poop make you laugh there is nothing for you here. You'll watch it, and then they'll laugh at you for watching it and still tell you to rate it 5 because apparently hipster humour justifies it's existence.

this was not what u expected and whats with the title saying sp8 and the animation saying sonic shits2 seems like false advertising to me but some of the bits were decent mostly the intro song

not a single "joke" made me laugh....