Reviews for "SP:Sonic Shorts: Volume 8"

This short is by far the worst, yes i got some of the jokes but some were pointless, the voice acting and animated was not so great, i hope the next one is as good as volume 7

This Gave me a............. Beard

@_@ im so swirly after the songs...

(@Y@) BOOBS!!!!


This is the best fucking Sonic Shorts I've ever watched, it is worth it as an epic conclusion. I found myself laughing throughout the flash movie, I loved the Sonic Colors joke and also the sex jokes it had, and the voice acting is superb, well done guys, well done.

I get that the real sonic shorts 8 will still take awhile but you guys realize by making this pice of garbage you wasted alot of time that could of been used on getting sonic shorts done and got on with your live instead of making this dumpster fire that only succeeds in making Newgrounds look like a crap factory.