Reviews for "Perspective"

I love those little cute stories in games like this, the gameplay had a fair challenge, mostly at the end. But not too easy nor too hard. Just felt good for me.

i love the story, the game isn't too easy and isn't to hard.

Good story and overall game, but I found the difficulty a little too much for me. The only difficult thing was the coin-spike switch, I just thought coins were neutral xD.

in the end, its all a matter of perspective... it played my naturally optimist mind like a violin, awesome!

Decent. The graphics were really good, and the gameplay was interesting. It reminded me a bit of Time Fcuk, although I was expecting something closer to Echochrome from the description. The puzzles were challenging, bot bordered closer to frustrating than fun. I figured them all out without a walkthrough, and yet despite finding the game to be obnoxiously punitive, once I beat it the game somehow felt too short. The music is decent as well but gets repetitive way too quickly. I also felt like the plotline made very little sense. There isn't really enough to keep the player captivated, to be honest.