Reviews for "Perspective"

yes the story is great, music was nice BUT that damn lag just makes me blam this game

Loved it, the music was great for the game too, I liked the gameplay a lot.

Btw, about the ending... Wow pretty cool

I really liked this game.
Story: 5/5
The story was charming and beautiful. I liked how the dog told all the story about the sad past of his old master.
The music was perfect for this game. However, it's a bit repetitive and there is only one song. The sound effects are nice.
The sprites are nice and give an old school feeling to the game. But they're too small and we can't appreciate the quality. It took me a while to figure out that the bats weren't simple birds.
Beautiful and intelligent puzzles. A mix of platforming and puzzle. Loved them.
Length: 3/5
Very short in my opinion but fitting for the story it tells.
Overall Score: 4/5
I hope to see more of your work. This was an absolutely brillant game. Mostly for the story. Keep up the good work!

Wonderful game! The last one was extremely tricky with the lag, but it was manageable.

This is really nice game, but I have one major problem with it: the lag. Maybe some other people did not had this problem, but to me, it makes the games unplayable. A lot of heavy flash games run flawless in my computer, but this one makes a trivial task like jumping almost impossible. The problem was larger when we control more than one character.Otherwise seems a great game, and unfortunately I couldn't get to the so praised ending.