Reviews for "Perspective"

Nice way to implemen a simple concept, and quite a reliefe from all the robot games i've been playing lately lol. Nice game, nice sound, almost too perfect, i dont know. maybe too easy. 5/5

"she calls me by her son's name in the end"
"It's all a matter of perspective"
That.. Was Amazing... I loved this..
That was a Brilliant way to end the game!

Very nice, loved the colorful graphics and the ending was surprising.

But yes, the last level was very annoying because of the slippery controls and/or collision detection (I spent like 10 minutes to get it right)

in the very end it was heart wrenching. this is great
i cant say mor without giving out the main secret of the game ;)

The game is ok but the Luigi like controls are kind of annoying please fix it :\