Reviews for "Perspective"

The game is ok but the Luigi like controls are kind of annoying please fix it :\

This was a brilliant game. It's one of the most game-like art games that I've played, so that's a plus. It has a nice art style & smooth game play. The only thing I see that needs some adjustments is the text. At times, I would move to the next level too quickly that I miss part of the text. It also gets difficult to read & play at the same time, but it's not too big of a deal. I still made sense of what I could read.

Awesome platforming game with puzzles, I have to say I really liked how the story and music was. I love the lesson learned in this game, both challenging and fun too. By the way, I didn't get the medal "Air Bud" since I didn't fall into the pit, so you guys who just started playing, go fall in the pit if you want all trophies. :D

always love these deep games.....

Excellent game. The ending definitely makes you think and consider... I'm glad I stuck it out through that last level, which was blasted hard.