Reviews for "Perspective"

It's a seemingly simple game. However the shift in perspectives would enhance the gameplay. It really drives that theme of different views and perhaps self. I feel like I understood the narrative that's set out. Both the son and the dog, although they have different views such as a two sided coin, they seem to be fall into this destined fate.

We don't really know much about the lady, dog or the son, but it seem that less is more is quite essential for a short game like this. It gives off the implications that perhaps the son was abandoned and adopted or perhaps not. Either way, the lady seems to be caring and gentle towards the two.

Overall, I believe this game is good in my book.

Like all of your previous games, this was no exception. It was great, music and gameplay! How do you even make this stuff, wish I could be you!!

I just dont know why but to me it give off a little of an undertale vibe.


Short but very tender. It made me think and force myself to see alternate realities, especially the "tricky" room with the three snakes, where one perspective swap too many led to immediate failure. The music is meditatively ambient. The very last puzzle was more challenging than any two others combined, and its moral was eloquent enough that I could easily have enjoyed even more levels after that. But then came the ending -- a bit bittersweet, but still touching. Nice game!