Reviews for "Perspective"

Really nice game!

I came around very well until the last 2split room, which i found out after 2minutes was the last.

-1 star for the shortness, sorry, but this could need a minimum of 30 rooms more (Of about the difficulcy of the last one). If you do not want to disturb the story by adding more rooms, dont woory, you wont. Just add some "Come over here!" and "Good boy!" sentences from the old granny, and everything will be just right in flow!

Graphics: Full points (1 star), fit very well.
Music: Full points (1 star), very calm and constant
Gameplay: Full points (1 star), i could not find the hardtimes other players reported about laggy / late reacting controls.
Story: Full points (1 star), just another reason why he is mans best friend!
Complexity: Come on, add some levels, you can easily earn this star! Make it a half-hour game!

keep up the good work!

This has a good plot, good controls, good music and very interesting concept with the whole perspective thing. But there is a reason why i gave it 3/5 stars. The game is sadly a bit too short. If you put more levels in, im sure there would be more you can add to the concept in this game. Also the game seemed to be a little too easy when you figure out what to do. A bit more challenge would have been great.

But this is a good game so that's why i gave it 3 stars.

A unique game with an interesting storyline. Uses a really cool concept, and keeps you interested. Love it!

I would've enjoyed the game if controls weren't so laggy. And I'm not talking about the dog running too far or jumping too high if you aren't careful, it's the fact that game reacts too late no matter how much free RAM I have or how new my keyboard is.
And if "it isn't a bug, but a feature", it's simply pathetic.

nfyre responds:

That's probably a bug! Nobody else has run into it though, so I can only assume that it has to do with your computer. I'm sorry that you weren't able to play the game normally.

Was good until the double screens. Those were just not worth the time. If the controls were tighter, maybe it would be worth the time.