Reviews for "Perspective"

Holy shit I beat the game!!! WOW! It was so fun and I am so glad I was able to beat it in one sit through! Its a great platforming game thats never been done before! I love the story and the twist ending! Great job man! REALLY PROFESSIONAL! 10/10 Perfect game!

For something that had nothing to do with robots, this turned out to be great! Yeah, it wasn't subjmitted on Robot Day, but it's still a great game. What really matters is how much depth you put into every detail. I think my favorite part is how everything just moves so much. Even the coins seem to be bouncing around here. I love how this entire thing revolves around a dog trying to meet his master.

It seems like it really tells you a statement about life. Or maybe that wasn't the intention. Whatever the intention was, it was something that turned out great in my opinion. I love how fast this dog moves around everywhere. It really gives you a great world to explore and survive. The music is fantastic as well.


Really great game dude, just could've been a bit longer. Cute story, decent graphics, and nice gameplay. Am I the only one who imagined the voice from the dog from Up?

Would have maybe liked this game if the animation for the dog wasn't so weird. Why is he breathing so fast? Is heaving a heart attack? Maybe the author supports animal cruelty?

Due to this confusion I must rate 0 stars. And I will do so for every day the rest of my life, because you are Satan.

I only stuck around for the story....that last level pissed me off to no end, but i'm glad i stuck around for the end. Great story, and great ending.