Reviews for "Chunkadelic"

whats the songs that plays?

Drazzke responds:

Says on the in-game menu, in the game description, and in the Music credits on the left side.
Or did you mean the title of the individual songs (which can be found on the authors website)?

Awesome game, is it a bug that the ducks are stuck on the screen after the "duck hunt" level?

Drazzke responds:

It was a bug, but Chevy and I found it so funny we decided to just leave it in.

The graphics are sleek and beautiful, the music is catchy, what more can you ask for? :P

I absolutely love this game! However it is insane how bad I am at it :').
Some of the graphics are a little off-putting, and I do feel like being sick a lot of the time while playing this game. But it's awesome so I don't care.

Very creative, Very entertaining :)
You should make like hybrid 8-bit games.

Just a suggestion :3