Reviews for "Chunkadelic"

Its a master!

Quick, simple, and fun. Definitely worth my five minutes. I saw some were mentioning the glitch with the ducks, and thought it was actually on purpose the first time I saw it. Might be interesting to do it for more of the levels actually. After the player defeats a level, the most important bit of it stays faded out in the back ground, and might even interact with the other elements? It'd be a bit of work, but would definitely help the whole "mash-up", and would let you sneak in some fun scenes in the background.

There are already a million "love letters to retro games" in existence. We get it. Nothing will ever be as good as the damned "good old days" but you don't have to sit there and jam that down our throats every five bloody seconds to make your "supah speshul awsum" retro game more "speshul" than everyone else's in the damned genre.

It's a good game, and it has a neat little twist on the retro genre. That's it. It is nothing more "speshul" than that.

Great compilation, great music
Surprisingly no seizures for me

Great choice of games... but you might give people seizures with the colors... otherwise it was great! 4/5