Reviews for "Chunkadelic"

I feel as high as a kite. The graphics and colours completely blew my mind. The controls are so easy as well. Fantastic game

Nice to know im still good at the games i used to be.

Absolutely worth your time. Extremely fun, difficult, and everything inbetween. This game is a great experience. Surprisingly amazing controls, extremely colorful, everything. 5 stars!


I played your game at 3am, half-asleep when I should've been in bed and it was the easiest thing I'd ever played. I came back the next day, fully awake and I crashed and burned horribly.

This game is addictive, well designed, and fun. Then again, I'm an old skool games junky so I might be slightly biased. (But who cares? :D)

5/5 and 5/5, keep up the good work.