Reviews for "Chunkadelic"

No mute button, but a very annoying soundtrack that is the same for every level/game. Also the overall gameplay is not too exciting, which gets worse when combined with these super flashy pixel graphics that destroy your eyes....

Drazzke responds:

I figured M was a pretty generic mute key. Apparently some people don't try this? Added that to the description.
Also, you're incorrect about the music - it does generally change on a per-level basis.

Thanks for the feedback, though.

because everything is more fun in techinicolor

loved it! brings back some good ole memories. loved the retro style but the flashing colors gave me a headache still though great game!

OMG! This totaly brought back memories of making games on PASCAL on my 386sx :) Good job man! Also great taste in music :)

I think the people who are having problems figuring out how to play the game, are just unlucky because they were born a little too late to have played all these classics!

I really appreciated the game, i was afraid it was going to be a "hobobos big adventure" ripoff, because of the way it was "sold" but i was pleasantly surprised :)

if anything, could have used a replay function for each stage, so i could have gotten a perfect "win", but that's just nitpicking, thank you for a pleasant, nostalgic and trippy experience!

Btw.. what is the guy saying in the intro? :D anything at all?

Drazzke responds:

Thanks! To be honest, I'm not really sure what he's saying. The guy who made it is Swedish, so he might be saying something that isn't in English. You could probably shoot him an e-mail and ask, if you're really curious: rymdkraft.com