Reviews for "Chunkadelic"

I love this game! I find it very difficult to find anything bad to say about it. However, as I'm sure others have mentioned, there is a bug with the Duck Hunt level where the ducks fly around on the screen for all of the games after it.

I do have one suggestion: make another mode of gameplay where you can continue playing the same game, rather than one after the other.

Drazzke responds:

The bug with the Ducks was actually left in on purpose. We found it so funny when we first encountered it we decided to leave it in.

Having an option to try a specific level multiple times is probably a good idea.

Amazing Games. I love your choice of games. The "Pipe Level" stumped me but then I remembered a certain olympic game. (cant remember the name).

An eight-bit game that ISN'T a pretentious piece of shit by a bunch of hipsters too lazy to draw?

You've got five stars from me, man. No story ramming itself down your throat to try and teach you some Aesop fable lesson you've heard thirty million times before; just catchy music, gameplay and nothing but. Five stars from me, man. For fourty-eight hours you've made a game that blows many others out of the water, that's certainly worth a good rating.

this hold my attention a lot longers that any game on my xbox, a Cracker!!!

BLARGGGG im haveing a sezure nice game thooooo