Reviews for "Chunkadelic"

As soon as the game started I said "Hay, I know this music, it's RYMDKRAFT!!" ^__^
(Which doubles the game's awesomness)

Very Warioware, bringing a milti-mini-game-IQ-test into play. Just good quick, casual, nostalgic fun!

I came here because I saw what was like a mega man themed game in atari style, due to the thumbnail image display. I was almost right. But I was not expecting the other games in this style. The boss design looks like Strike Man from MegaMan 10.

Anyway, played all the other classic games. The Mario themed game was kind of interesting. There were some times where it was going too fast for me, but I managed.

I really liked this. You did an impressive job on this for what it is worth! Congrats!

OMG, I'm at VFS and Chevy Ray is my flash teacher. He showed us this game the other day before he uploaded it anywhere. Awesome guy to learn from.

Loved it. Brings me back. Good job.

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