Reviews for "Chunkadelic"

I'm reminded of the early Wario Ware games for the Gameboy Advance. Simple mini games thrown together at a quick pace. I like the concept, but I feel the game would be a lot more approachable for longer periods of time if the colors were easier on the eyes. A mute button or different tracks would be nice too.

Brilliant game. I love retro games :D.
overall one of the best new games.


man i love retro game. It was really colorful and the music supports the mood. Really nice classic games man, keep up the good work

epic! i really love both minigames, and retro gaming, so i loved this. it has an innovative and simple control set, and put together with the music and grapics, this becomes one of the best mini-game collections i've seen.

an overal good game. nice music and graphics :)