Reviews for "Chunkadelic"

Dope collection of retro like games. Awesome colors and tunes.

I love this game! I can see why Sam T voted this as his all time favorite! Granted, he doesn't have that many favorite games, but still. I just had no idea whatsoever at what I would do in this. I managed to lose in every single level except for the final one! That's probably the most satisfying kinds of losses you could make.

I could have sworn I had played this before. I must have just gotten the thumbnail confused. Everything is wonderful and colorful. It's neat to try to figure out which games they came from or were based on. I was really confused with the pipe jumping game. I guess that was like Mario?

nice game resume

some people say that video games companys like nintedo are old but i dont trust them

I felt like on an acid odyssey @^@