Reviews for "Pothead Zombies 2"

awesome but MORE GUNS 100000 STARS

The game is very fun to play, however, you should add options to buy ammo, all weapons available from the start of game and upgrade system. I really like my Automatic K, but it's not enough to kill the huge 13th Wave! Just a tip, if you've passed the second boss, anti-armor is a MUST.

nice game and fun.

Good. Fun, yeah. Don't have the volume on but I'm sure the soundtrack is pleasant (hate to half-ass a review but it's early). I like the art and animations were really smooth. The weapon upgrading system was vast; almost to a fault. I think that upgrading weaponry is a sight better than buying new ones every couple of minutes. Nevertheless, good game and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Very great game but in 3rd part(I hope you planned to do it) you should back the weapon upgrades from 1st part and there is some, in my opinion, useless weapon type such as LMG(it almost duplicate the assault rifle in damage) . Shotgun Grenade launcher or sniper rifle more effective against vehicles. It will be more useful to make penetration type as upgrade to increase,when you need it...

Also I wish to see some unusual weapon like poison dart thrower, or cryogun for example, or when you fully upgrade weapon,it gives some unique bonus.....

In total,this game is a very great time-killer:)

It sure to begin close this game and have more zombie more crazy then i don't want to close the game already. Its very serious